Wednesday, May 27, 2009

An Ode to Aqua Net layout

And Ode to Aqua Net-

Oh, my dear Aqua Net with your extra-super hold
without you my hair couldn't have gotten so bold.

With my hair dryer & my trusty silver can
My hair reached the highest heights in all the land.

Beloved silver & pink shiny aerosol spray.
Those wild and crazy 80's....oh those were the days!

Oh, my dear, Aqua Net, extra-super hold,
My love for you is such the world has never known!

I just had to include a close-up of my mile-high hair-do. What would I have ever done w/o my crimping iron, hair dryer and Aqua Net in the 80's? lol This is another silly layout for my Book of Me. :-)

God Bless,

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