Saturday, December 27, 2008


I am truly addicted to scrapbooking paper. I knew I was, but I just didn't really realize how badly until these past couple of days. Way back in October I saw some Christmas paper that totally caught my eye and I just never could forget about. Did I buy it then? No. Stupid, stupid mistake. So, every since Christmas has been close and now passed all I can think about is that darn paper and the totally cute layouts that I could make with it and my Christmas photos (which I already have printed out and waiting!). I have been to 3 different scrapbooking stores in town searching for that paper. Is there any left? Well, I found 2 pieces at one store and 1 piece at another and the die-cut sheet at another. There are 9 different sheets of patterned paper and one die-cut sheet. It is sickening to see how much I will go through to find something I'm stuck on. All of that driving around for PAPER! Poor Joe has gone with me to each store too, in search of this silly paper and he has been such a good sport. I'm sure that he's just sitting back and shaking his head at me and my obsession. So after todays trip without any luck, I spent the evening looking on-line for my dream paper. Everyone else must like it too because a lot of places are sold out! Well, I can sleep well tonight because I ordered it and hopefully it will arrive on my doorstep soon. See. I'm sick. Truly addicted. But now very happy because I finally got that silly paper! What does it look like, you're wondering???? Here's the's by my new favorite line of papers: My Minds Eye.
God Bless!


Alex said...

I found some of it here. Never ordered from them so no info, but I understand the addiction VERY well :)

Alex said...

more is here

Alex said...

I HAVE shopped here:

No returning your BLOG to you :)