Wednesday, December 24, 2008

last minute shopping mayhem....

Wow. So we always say that we're not going to wait until the last minute to Christmas shop and every year it happens. We don't get anything done until the few days before Christmas. That would put my past two days in a nutshell. Shopping. Shopping. Shopping. Uck. I am NOT a shopper. I hate to shop. I hate the mall. I panic in crowds of people. It's just not a happy thing for me! So, waiting until the night before Christmas to finish up our shopping has been quite an experience. The only good thing that happened is that we waited until this evening at 5 to go and see Santa. We walked right in and got our photo taken! No waiting at all! Gracie did better than I thought she would. She would not let him touch her, but she did get close enough to him to say "Hi" but only because she was holding tightly onto Joe. We ended up getting our photo taken with me holding Gracie on one side of Santa and Joe sitting on the other. I must say that it was kind of fun getting my photo taken with Santa! lol

God Bless and Merry Christmas!

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