Friday, October 23, 2009

First Site - layout - Twilight Challenge @ The Paper Cut

So this one I just had to do for fun. I ran across this blog, The Paper Cut, and it's all about scrapping your addiction the Twilight books. First of all, I am not addicted to these books. lol Yes, I have read them all and they are quite easy to get sucked into. So, I don't consider myself a Twilight addict, just a Twilight fan who loves a fun challenge and so I decided to join in on these challenges at The Paper Cut. I have to admit that I did start rereading the first book a few nights ago. I wanted something easy to read that I could get lost in, and for some strange reason, this book fits the bill. I don't really quite know why I like the books, but there is some odd magic about the story that really pulls you in. I'm not quite sure what it is......maybe I'll figure it out as I do these challenges each week at The Paper Cut.

Journaling says:

I resisted for a long time. I saw the book
everywhere I went. It wasn’t easy to ignore.
Then, I started seeing more & more ladies
posting on their blogs about how they were
reading the Twilight Books & how addicting
they were. So, I finally caved in & bought
the first book. Like I said, it took me awhile.
I think that Book 3 was already out when
I finally decided to go downstairs at my
favorite book store, The Bookworm, to their
children’s section, & pick up Twilight for
the first time. I really don’t know what it
is about this book that makes it so addicting.
I honestly don’t think that it’s written that
well. It is written for teenagers, & at a very
easy reading level. Lots of short sentences
make up each paragraph. But, there is
something about it. Something about the
characters. Something about Bella. Something
about Edward. So, after that I was hooked.
It only took me a couple of days to read
the first book, so I went right out & bought
the second & then the third.. I had to wait
awhile for Book 4....and then there was the
movie. I’m actually rereading Book One
right now. And quickly becoming lost in
the story of Edward & Bella the magic that is

If you enjoy the Twilight books and are looking for something fun and different to scrap, then I highly recommend you visiting The Paper Cut blog. The really neat thing, is that even if you aren't a fan of the books or say you are but don't want to do your pages about Twilight, they have non-Twilight twists to each weeks challenge. So, anyone can play along!

Here's what their blog says:

Twilight Chapter One : {First Sight}

How did you find Twilight? Was it recommended or introduced to you by a friend? Did the cover draw you in from afar? Tell us how you came across the series and how you fell in love with it....because we know you did!

Challenge: Use a picture of yourself and/or one of the Twilight books or the Twilight DVD.

For those of you non Twilighters:

If you haven't experienced the phenomenon of Twilight, feel free to express how your found your love or fascination with something or someone. Let's elaborate on the name of Chapter One, First Sight. How did you fall in love with ______?

Non Twi Challenge: Use a picture of yourself and a picture or something that represents your "something or someone."

I hope it's okay that I copied that here! Please visit The Paper Cut if you'd like to join in on the fun there! I'm having a lot of fun looking at everyone's pages that they have done and enjoying rereading Twilight at the same time!


Kim said...

I love your layout. Love the glittery alphas and the jounaling. Somehow, that Twilight bug hasn't bitten me yet.
Kim xXx

Jen K. said...

Love your layout! Your story sounds lot like mine.