Saturday, October 10, 2009

sweet - layout

Here's one for the challenge at Practical Scrappers (my new & most favorite scrapping blog around!). If you have a stash, and even if you don't, Practical Scrappers is the place to be! The challenges are awesome and really get you using up the things that you already have. I need all the help that I can with this, because I'm ashamed to admit that I have quite the scrapping stash! This one was to use your decorative edge scissors. When I first say that challenge, I thought, oh boy....I have a TON of those darn scissors and I don't ever use them. Ever! I remember when they were the hottest scrapping tool around and you just had to have every one, or you weren't a cool scrapper! Well, I'm not so cool now. I have a bucket full of them and what are they doing? Nothing. Sitting in my cabinet. They do looking kinda pretty though, don't they? But, looking pretty isn't functional and I believe that at $5+ a pop, that's a lot of money to be just sitting there in a bucket looking pretty in my cabinet! lol
So here's what I came up with, using some of my deco scissors. Four different designs actually! Pretty good for one layout and considering that I have about 20 more in that darn bucket waiting to be used! I used one design on both edges of the blue paper and then rubbed the edges with light brown ink.

Now, for the flower, I know that I saw this idea somewhere while I was surfing around and I'm pretty sure that it was while looking through all of the other entries for using deco scissors for the Practical Scrappers challenge. So, whoever thought of this idea, THANK YOU! Because I love it! lol First, I cut out 4 circles, large to small. I used 3 different designs of scissors around the edges of the circles. I then used a small wooden skewer to help me roll up the edges around the circles. I smashed down the edges on the circles, rubbed some light brown ink on the edges and then stacked them up to make my flower. After adhering the flower together, I added a small circle that I had glued some seed beads onto. Top it off with a little piece of folded ribbon and that's it!
Now off to hopefully work on another page. And, to use some more of my deco scissors!


ladynurse4 said...

Love the flower. Thanks for joining us at practicl scrappers.

Jamie Lane said...

This is simply adorable! Love the colors, lo, and details!

Brydka said...

Fantastic Blog ;)
Big Hugs From Mystique :)

di said...

Thanks so much, ladies!!!! :-)