Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Winter Prison Blues - digi layout

Here is a fun one in honor of my good friend, Ellen. We always whine and cry when it starts getting cold out and we have to start wearing real shoes. We are both flip-flop girls and start wearing them as soon as our little toes can each spring and then as long as we can after the winds start coming from the north and it gets too cold. She sent me a picture of her feet the other day and wrote "shoe prison" and I laughed about it all day. I felt the same way when I finally had to wiggle my little piggies into my shoes the other day. So, we are both singing the Winter Prison Blues. Shoe Prison that is for our poor feet! lol

Here's what the journaling says:

Well, I finally had to do it. Today I had to put my feet in shoe prison. It has decided to get cold early this year. It’s only the beginning of October, but we have already had some very cold nights and very chilly days. So, into shoe prison my feet went. No more flip-flops. No more bare footin’ around. It’s shoe prison until spring time. Oh, that seems so far away! It looks like until the breeze comes back from the south and the robins start to chirp, my poor feet will be singing the Winter Prison Blues..........


Terry Oulboub said...

Oh how cute is that LO! I love how you positioned everything together. I love the story about flip-flops because I'm like that too with sandals - I love having my toes painted and free! Good luck with the DT call on Practical Scrappers - I'm rooting for you!

di said...

Thanks so much, Terry! Our poor feet will be so happy when spring comes! lol